Helping with Cardano development

I have a strong technical/programming background, but not in Heskell (which Cardano uses mostly I believe). I’d like to know more about the project and Crypto on the whole and I’m looking for a new language to learn in my spare time. Are there active issues to work on of differing difficulties or are these mostly closed to the public? I’ve read the Github docs regarding contributing, but it’d be nice to have issues to work on and help with if possible, no matter how small.

It’s more of a learning project for me in my spare time, with the aim to help improve Cardano on the whole in some way.


I will post in the IOHK slack. But you might jump on the Daedalus project. Or the explorer might need help. If anything, you could learn how it is all connect, and do a tutorial on how to use the Cardano node from the command line and look up APIs. APIs are changing all the time, so just learning how to look them up and use them could be fun. Daedalus will have a plug in system in the future, so learning how to make applications on Electron might be a good use of time. Just some ideas.


Great more programmers joining!


Do you have a doc in mind on how to use the node on command line for example ? I found some doc on how to compile or on how to connect to mainnet.

I am looking at how to be able to participate for example in the validation of block for example in order to understand better how it works, but it is not very easy.

Can you kindly post here the link?

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We have ( We have made rapid updates though this week.) Let me talk to the developers.

It would also be nice to have people on the testnet, hacking away and breaking things.

Give me a couple days…


Thank you io_jeremy!

I would be happy to play on the testnet for helping the project and learning more about Cardano-sl.

Can you tech folks start by fixing the wallet so it works:)

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