Request for Contribution guide

Hello everyone,

I am very interested in contributing to the Cardano Ecosystem. I think it is important that Developers know if this is an option and if so, where to start.

Can we do a pinned writeup in the Developers category which includes

  • How/where to contribute
  • List of all components and technologies used
  • A list of good beginner issues

If it is not wished that every developer commits, ignore this post.


Follow this topic!

I think there is a lot of power in letting your users contribute to your product today.

If the developers could make a list of features they would be willing to let the community make, I think they would be surprised of the results


Sounds like a great idea and would fully support this :slight_smile:

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Great. From what I understood IOHK handles most of the implementations? Would it be worth to ping @io_jeremy or someone else?

Yes, but there are many more components included in the whole ecosystem.
Also, I didn’t know that it was built in Haskell - it’d be nice to list that in a table.

I want Developers to see a list and immediately see where their skills match.

I believe everything is available on IOHK’s GitHub, and it seems that pull requests from external contributors are being accepted :slight_smile:

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It would be nice to make it easy to contribute.
I am still unable to get daedalus wallet to run in dev mode.