Cardano 1.5 Daedalus User Interface Critique - suggested improvements

Maybe it would be helpful if IOHK held a user interface working group to get feedback on the Daedalus user interface from the average people and new users? Most common Daedalus users and new users may not be savvy enough to put their feedback on GitHub in a manner that will get their point across.

I made a video critiquing the latest interface and what improvements may be needed. Here is the link.

If you think there are other improvements that should be in Daedalus, feel free to leave comments on this thread if you are not a GitHub user.

If you would like to learn GitHub or provide the comments yourself, here is a link to the Daedalus GitHub here…

It’s probably best if you learn how to use GitHub and put in the comments yourself, but I would be glad to help if needed (although I am new to using GitHub too, very little experience)


I was feeling so alone on this field. Welcome to a new world Rick. The world of wisdom and freedom of speech for a better/stronger ecosystem.

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That’s very clever Nostradamus. Nice web site.

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Good suggestions, Rick. Your videos are great, especially for providing constructive criticism to improve the user experience. Thanks for taking the time.


As an addition - Currently a feature request can also be reported at IOHK Support


I agree 100% with you. Daedalus does not have a great IU experience. There is a lot of place for improvments !

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Man Rick, you are correct-o-mundo in regards to GitHub and newbies posting feedback. I’m really only 2 years in cryptocurrency and only a year in with actually understanding the tech, terms, and teachings…
and yeah… my first time navigating around the githunlb site felt like trying to decipher Egyptian Heiroglyphics using a book solely based on cuniform.

@rickymac: good initiative.

Just a general comment for other members of the community: although GitHub can sound a bit scary for newbie, but you don’t need to learn Git or GitHub to submit a feature/improvement request.


The advantages of opening a new issue on GitHub is that you can keep track of your request status and can also see when and in which software version your request (if approved) will be implemented.