Suggestions and feedback for our Help Centre!

We are always looking to help you, the community, especially so when providing useful information that you may be looking for.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be making improvements to our Cardano Help Centre. We created this resource as the first call for any questions you may have. The platform allows you to search for answers and rate the content we have.

The rating system allows us to analyze which articles were useful to you, or sadly in some cases, not quite what you were looking for. We will definitely be looking at these insights but it would be great to hear from you personally if there are any topics you feel were lacking or missing completely.

  • Please consider the topics that you, personally would like to see added or improved.

  • Please also consider the ones that the wider community would find valuable.

  • Please exclude Daedalus wallet support questions as this is handled by the dedicated Daedalus team and is being looked at (we promise!).

Thank you in advance for your valuable input! :smile:


Great initiative! :slight_smile:


Will have a look at this tonight :slight_smile:

This seems promising. Chat either. wooow.

Hi Tim, any more thought on this one? :sweat_smile:

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@CyberHek @CosmosX @werkof @RobJF Would love to hear any suggestions you guys may have. We want the Help Centre to be a useful tool for community members (perhaps a focus on newcomers but can also serve the entire community too!) Thanks :smiley:


@maki.mukai There is no link from home page ( to Cardano Help Center (

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@Jam35x yes there is:


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Can you please include the link under “Resources” too, it will be helpful to newcomers.


Great idea and much needed. I would suggest that because the user experience on different setups for Daedalus can be wildly different, that there be an optimal setup suggested. For instance, I can not make my wallet crash in any scenario I have tried on my Mac with the update, yet others are having issues. I would clearly state that Daedalus is not just a lite wallet but that the user will be running a full node. (Exciting!) Therefore, optimally we suggest for X operating system that your configuration includes Y. With the caveat as the wallet gets updated it will become more flexible, and this will become obsolete. Not sure if this reasonable and would assist some of the issues people have had, but it’s an idea. It may be too complicated.

Thanks for all your hard work. I’m enjoying watching your progress.

@Jam35x Great idea, I will make this change.

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How about adding a new collection with al video and press material in the articles.

You could name it Education.

Charles Hoskinson interviews
Whiteboard videos
IOHK videos
Community made videos
Mentions in press
Wikipedia articles about cardano and PoS
Whitepapers with direct links
Community guidelines

This would allow for a broader search to be used in the help center (currently, you will find zero results if you search for whitepaper for example).

Ideally you want the structure the be a search tool for help, as well as a shortcut to finding everything related to cardano. Making it more of a help / knowledge base tool.

This would also improve your SEO when people search for anything related to general cryptocurrency lexicon.

Some more ideas for collections:

  • Trading
  • dApp development (too soon to implement, I know… That is going to be a very good day :slight_smile: )

@Bullish You got some cool ideas. :+1:

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in short: good idea and highly useful
Also mentioning a lot of altcoins, concepts, ideas, with some “discrete” mentions of known problems/issues/drawbacks is great.

I agree with all written by @Bullish
Please keep in mind to write the articles in a way that supporting community members can easily copy the link and use it as a short answer. I mean: have one topic <=> one url.
I bet such pages will be also frequently used in third-party content like blog posts, tweets, sub-text links in youtube, …

If a certain topic is more complex it shouldn’t be divided into multiple pages. In such cases, it would be great when each subheader/section on that page has an #anchor link

For example look at this existing article

When I want to point someone to the “social phenomenon” arguments I could use the above link and add “then scroll down to …”
Or if there would be an anchor link I could point directly to
Nothing crucial but if the content management system support anchors I would recommend to place them.

practically, the entire “help centre” is mainly an “education centre” and that’s good.

I don’t know CFs internal human resources but if you have some talented illustrator or you can hire someone externally you should invest in some little “whiteboard style” graphics to loosen up the texts. you know a pic often says more than thousands of words. And a lot of people are allergic to reading more than two sentences.


Spot on Markus, well said! Good design is infectious and keeps users engaged…

Big fan of using anchors as they would deliver a better user experience and functionality to direct people to the proper sections.

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Hi @maki.mukai ,
I would like to recommend a correction to one of the Help Centre subjects that appears to be in error, with screen captures below to show the correction. The subject is “Can you run two wallets on the same computer?” and the answer is “It is possible to run two wallets on the same computer, but you would need to do this using separate user accounts.” The answer is in error, because you can easily run 2 wallets on the same computer and user account because Daedalus is designed to create multiple wallets in the same instance using the + sign.

So maybe the question should be “Can I run more than 1 instance of Daedalus on the same computer?” and then that answer would be correct. Below is a screen capture where I created 2 additional wallets for a total of 3 wallets on the same computer account. You can use it for reference if you like.

I do software testing and documentation for my work on occasion, so I will go through more of the help centre when I have time to check for errors. Hope this helps.



Good point @rickymac , especially because people not so familiar with blockchain, cardano or daedalus, could easily get confused , resulting in a strange feeling if their wallets are safe.
Having a small illustration how cardano main nodes, local instances and the wallet(s) on the same or multiple computer accounts are organized would help.

But this depends also a bit on the release date of Shalley and it’s impact on this diagram. From my understanding it will be a multiple step release and conversion to a quite different diagram with staking pools ( and then also light wallets)

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@Jam35x Change has been made:


@tom.kelly Much Appreciated!

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