I really need some help with syncing Deadalus wallet to the node

Ok, I’ve been reading thru the forums here and I’m having very similar issues to other people but a little bit different. Cardano, of course, has not responded so ill ask the community.

Right, so, I updated from windows seven in order to stake Cardano. Daedalus is the go to mythological wallet for staking gains so here I am. After updating windows and tearing up over my lost data and lack of comfort on the new operating system got the Daedalus 2.1.0 EXE file and installed.

Opening it seems fine, functionality is all there but after restarting and playing with the settings for hours I got it to start seeding. I got it to 3.3% in just 6 hours! Pretty good for a day trader, but not where i’d like to be long term. I seem to be stuck on Age (Epoch) 7 Slot:999 whatever that means. It says its syncing but its really not going anywhere. I do wish the coding came with it and an upgrade was available once its installed!

For the love of the Gods of Olympus, somebody help me! Actually Hercules was an Egyptian story first, but thats neither here nor there.

Please and thankyou.

The new version, 2.2, is due anytime, and is supposed to be a lot better. I believe part of the problem is network congestion, with more people trying to sync than previously, but the improved networking functions of the program will help.

Wish Binance would stop being greedy and offer the function. I guess i’ll just wait. I turned off the firewall to no avail. I’ve been at it for about 12 hours, still at 3.3%. Not a great use of my time.

It frustrates me that i’ll be getting 1% APR till Cardano gets it together

You don’t need to use Daedalus, there are other wallets such as Yoroi, AdaLite…

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Are they safe mate? It would be so cool if I could just hold in Binance. BTW, withdrawals and deposits are locked atm. So, I wont be staking just yet. What one do you prefer? You seem to be a veteran, I’m still learning

Security enthusiasts will tell you that Daedalus is safer, personally I believe that the others are near-enough as safe if used with reasonable care. And Daedalus has been successfully targeted by hackers, though not often. I use Yoroi Chrome browser extension (actually in Brave browser) with no worries whatsoever. I used AdaLite.io on one occasion just to redeem my ITN rewards, before Yoroi could do that, but there are clone sites so you need to check your browser address bar carefully with adalite.

I’m a bit surprised by what you say about Binance, they came back after the major work a couple of weeks ago, I posted about it in the forum myself.