Beginners' Questions for starting

Hello all!
I am very excited about the Cardano project and wanna be part of it, but first of all I hope some good souls can help me in these very first questions regarding the processes:

  1. Is it possibile to buy and store Ada for long time, in order to convert them when higher rate?
  2. Concerning Deadalus Wallet, does it need to be opened 24/7 for syncing or it can be just opened once in a while? How things affect PoS?

Really thanks a lot for anyone who could help me!!

  1. Yes, buy and hold in Daedalus.
  2. Can be opened once in a while but the longer you leave it, the longer it takes to sync the blockchain before you can do anything with it. I usually run it about once a day and it takes a few minutes to come up. We donโ€™t know many of the details about staking yet but IMO itโ€™s almost certainly going to be best for small holders to stake using pools, so no need to run Daedalus in that case (except to update it as mentioned).

Many Thanks @RobJF !

Your reply was really helpful!

Have a good day mate :slight_smile:

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