Hold it like its gold

We must stop big pumps and dumps,just buy and hold if you are a long term buyer,
this is how we can help ada to move slowly but continuously…


HODL like it’s GODL?


Yea, especially if you want to participate in the POS and earn some Ada.


BCH is next.


Tough climb, but I can see it happening Q4 2018.

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Can u explain pos plz?

In simple way, you hold :ada: and earn some interest in :ada: . There is no need of heavy mining hardware as we require in bitcoin mining.
From technical aspects you can visit cardanodocs.com


My ada’s already in dadelous wallet so do i need to do anything to activate this

No just wait for the reward phase = POS.

Ok thanks for reply so this reward already started or in the future??

Probably Q2 2018. They will be slowly rolling it out around Q1 2018 and start adding more functionality to it.

so to take part in these rewards, no further action is needed except to hold ADA? do you have to hold it in the daedalus wallet or will a paper one do; or any exchange where you bought? i guess what i’m getting at is if the moment you buy ADA is it registered on the blockchain?

also, i’m having difficulty withdrawing from binance b/c the daedalus address is too long; when i cut and paste i can’t get the last few characters to confirm on binance in the address box, even by pressing the directional keys…

You’d have to hold it in your Daedalus wallet from my understanding.


To be on safer side, you just don’t transfer :ada: from exchange to wallet or vice-versa till Shelley phase is properly launched.
You are taking risk by storing :ada: in exchange wallet because exchange can have n number of problems such as hacks.
If it’s of utmost important that you have to transfer your :ada: now then you should consider risk factors first.
So, think about every possible outcome then decide.
Final decision should be yours.

Note- It’s highly recommend that after Shelley phase launch and wallet properly functioning , you should store :ada: only in official wallet .

So, for the moment it’s safer to store adas in exchange than transfer adas from exchange to Daedalus wallet ?

There is a button to copy the daedalus address in the wallet

If your exchange is bittrex and binance then it’s relatively safer for this time period before Shelley phase complete launch.
As I mentioned above there are other risk factors of exchanges.
Final decision should be yours.

Note- After Shelley phase launch and proper official wallet functioning then you should store :ada: in official wallet only.

i want to get it out of the exchange ASAP, but things are not cooperating with the scenario i explained previously–if i can’t confirm the last few digits, i won’t transfer. you said DON’T transfer from exchange directly to wallet-- can you suggest some other route that is safer or somewhere to store it until the shelley phase?

I don’t think he/she meant to type “DON’T” there… based on his follow-up statement of taking a risk storing it on an exchange.

If you are in Bittrex exchange then at this moment wallet is inactive.
Now if you have decided that you want to transfer :ada: after understanding it’s risk factors.
Then for further updates check Bittrex site status for :ada: .