What is the best way to keep ADA

I have few ADA in my Daedalus Wallet, I read few post here people lost their ADA from deadalus wallet, what is the best way to keep ADA, paper wallet of daedalus wallet?

Paper Wallets is your best choice for security, but simply storing the Ada within the Daedalus Wallet with the password enabled is safe. But if you have a few hundred bucks or so, storing it within Binance is okay. I am sure some folks will disagree with me on storing tokens on exchanges, but for small amounts, its fine.

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As I have few 1000 ADA in my Daedalus wallet is it ok to keep the machine down and synchronized it once a day? I installed Daedalus in a virtual machine.

You can synch whenever you want, your ADA are not in the wallet, but on the blockchain.

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