Whats more Safe place to keep ADA? Daedalus or Binance?

Hey Guys,
Currently I have ADA at Binance, but think about transfer it to Daedalus.

Whats better way to keep it for long-term?
and Is there any transfer fee from Binance to Daedalus?

.Edit: It seems that Withdrawal in Binance is suspended
Whats wrong with it?

was suspended temporarily, due to maintenance/fixing work.
Re-enabled now with delay announcement.
Current fee: 1 ADA
For long-term you should keep it in your personal wallet, not on exchanges.

Thank you,
I just sent my ADA to Daedalus wallet. I hope it won’t take too long

May be for short time. It shows as Suspended. Even the Deposit is not showing any Address and can’t generate. So both ways are pretty much suspended temporarily. Cardano is long term hold so better to keep it in the Wallet. Recently I bought more at Binance and can’t move. Also waiting for the ADA App on Ledger!