Binance Cardanot Network Suspended

Hello there,
I am trying to get my ADA from Binance to Daedalus wallet but its says “Cardano Network Suspended” Any idea what the issue might be and what other options there is ?


Hi @Bacterial_Flagellum , welcome to the forum.

Binance probably is doing some maintenance. I have seen this regularly. Mostly it takes a few hours before they get it fixed. I believe you can select to send you an email when thr network is up again.

I guess you are going to delegate your ada for some additional rewards. If yes, let me know if you need any help. Good luck!

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thanks for the prompt response, I will check later on and did send an email to technical support .
Yes, I have setup Daedalus on my computer, have all synced up and ready to receive ADA in my wallet. Once I have transferred ADA, I will stake/delegate it in one of pools for reward and help decentralization.

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Yes, Binance seems to have frozen the feature due to upgrades. I tried again and it was available and was able to retrieve the coins safely into my wallet and delegated afterwards.

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Hello there,
I want to withdraw ADA from into my Daedalus wallet, but when I want to select network, instead of Cardano network there is ADA network in the list. are they the same?

Hi, @Bacterial_Flagellum , it repeats again, the second day I can not transfer ADA to the wallet. The reason is reported that the network is congested. Also, the commission has been increased when the set is available to 1 ADA.
What does it mean? :lemon:

Yes, Cardano network and ADA network are the same.

Binance might have this disabled because they are in the process of upgrading to be ready for the Alonzo network upgrade that happens mid September.

However, Binance has also been disabling its ADA wallet almost every epoch for some unknown reason.

:+1:I hope they get back to work.

Thank you.

Sorry for responding late. It means that the system is not available for transfers temporarily. I suspect they do it on purpose when the traffic is high usually when price goes up and they don’t want people to move funds from the exchange. This is my theory.