Binance - ADA network withdrawal suspended

Hello guys,

I’m new to this forum, I found Cardano project to be really interesting and bought some ADA just to understand how it all works. I’m trying to withdraw them to my Ledger but a message indicates that ADA network withdrawal is suspended. How long does this normally take? Do you recommend to stake my ADA on Binance in the meantime?

Thanks for your help!

Hmm… usually they will suspend the rewards before epoch change (because of stake I believe…) be patience, wait till they will allow again to withdraw the ADA

What’s wrong there? Binance showing me that Cardano is suspended for days now. Not really trustworthy.

:)) binance… is just binance … I stoped using binance years ago

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Yes, I also want to leave Binance, that’s why I try to withdraw the last remaining ADA. :frowning:

Wait more days, they will allow again the withdraw

Works again. Bye-Bye-Binance!

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