Send ADA from BSC to ADA Network

Hi all, iwanted to send my ADA to ADA network from BSC but the withdrawal is suspended, anyone knows until when will be suspended?, and whats the best/cheap way to send ADA to Yoroi?

Use only cardano network for withdrawing ADA!!!
there is no announcement till the withdraw is suspended

what do you mean?, ca you please explain a bit? , i am noobie here, I tried again to send i have the next message: “Address entered automatically matches network ADA which is currently suspended.”

Yes, it’s fine

U will need to choose ADA and Cardano network to network filed, but for the moment the withdraws are suspended

yes, it worked 1hr ago for a few mins, already test it and works without problem, and again was suspended, is weird that binance has this behavior…thx forthe support!

You can withdraw your ADA using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and then follow this process in reverse. It’s pretty advanced stuff though and I would only recommend it to somebody who knows what he/she is doing.

If Binance is doing maintenance on their Cardano nodes, it may not work either because the bridge could work with those nodes.

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