Please advise - can not withdraw ADA to yoroi!

Hi there,
I’m about to withdraw my ada to my yoroi wallet. I copied the address and pasted in alright. But just when I click the withdraw button. I checked again and the address is not the same as I copied and pasted from yoroi.
So, i’m not sure whether to confirm this withdrawal. I tried with generating new address, copied and pasted in all over again. And the address is changed somehow i don’t know why.

Has anyone ever faced this before? Is this normal that the address is auto-changed in summary page?

FYI, i did this on mobile.
Thank you in advance!

From which exchamge are u trying to withdraw?

From binance to yoroi wallet

Ok, go to yoroi to receive section and copy one address; then go to binance to withdraw and choose cardano network and paste the address there

To be sure first time try only 10 ADA