Getting ‘risk warning’ message from Binance

Hi. Trying to transfer Ada from Binance to Yoroi wallet, which I have done successfully a couple of times in recent months, but on this occasion, after I confirm the transaction, a message appears outlining the risks involved. Gives the option to cancel only, but not proceed.

Why is this happening, please?

I’ve checked the Yoroi address in Cardano scan, any it brings up my current staking pool to which I delegated current Ada.

Thanks for any help.

This seems to be an issue with Binance. So id recommand contacting their support.

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Strange. I did a transfer from Binance today and didn’t see any such warning.

I also use Yoroi and copied the address in the normal way by clicking the “copy to clipboard” icon under the receive tab.

Maybe something has changed on the Binance platform in just the last few hours?

I’m having this issue for a couple of days.

I think your problem might relate to your own account on Binance.

It doesn’t matter what wallet you use (Yoroi, Daedalus etc.) because a Cardano address is the same for all since it is just an address on the blockchain that your private key controls. For example, I have some wallets loaded in both Yoroi and Daedalus which use my Trezor to secure the private key. It doesn’t matter which wallet program I use to get the address to receive funds, both Yoroi and Daedalus will see the funds arrive.

Have you tried different generated addresses from yoroi?

Tried a few different addresses - nothing worked. Tried Binance support- no use.

Was anybody able to withdraw from Binance in recent days?

(I don’t use it anymore, because SEPA deposit has been cancelled and my credit card companies also do not allow to transfer to Binance – probably because it’s too risky.)

Well, just to say that I finally got the withdrawal from Binance into my Yoroi wallet.

What I did differently, which I think made the difference, is that I went on the Binance website on my iPad,(instead of the app), and proceeded from there, jumped through the security requirements and scored.

Many Thanks for your help with this problem.

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