Binance-to-Yoroi & Yoroi-to-Binance transactions

Hi everybody,

I have still never sent ADA to Yoroi Shelley wallet from Binance spot and vice versa. Many of you are likely to have fulfilled such transactions. Is this an operable transaction channel? Or maybe my ADA can be lost?
I heard that some transactions channels are not supported by Yoroi, for example, Trust wallet-to-yoroi. But now, I’m interested only in Binance spot to Yoroi Shelley, and back, from Yoroi Shelley to Binance spot.


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I just went through this yesterday. Open your binance account and go to withdraw. choose ADA as your currency and you will see on the right “recipient ADA address”. go to Yoroi and click receive, it will give you a long code to copy and paste into that Recipient ADA address. if you feel uncomfortable with doing it. you can send 4 of them to Yoroi at first just to make sure that the process is reliable. please note that takes ( i think) 5 days before you can transfer your ADA into another wallet. also it will cost you 1 ADA to transfer.


Happy delegation!

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Hi. I am new to Cardano and bought some ADA a couple of days ago on Binance. I tried transferring 10 ADA to my Yori wallet, but after having waited for 40 minutes nothing has happened. I checked and doble checked that the adress is correct, bit there are still no funds in my Yori wallet. Have I done something wrong (I see that Yori can generate new adresses and I have accidently opened a few… but the one I copypasted into binance was the correct one).

Greatful for all help, suggestions or ideas

I was just a bit inpatient. It got there shortly after writing the message… :sweat_smile:

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Today I transferred ADA from Binance to Daedalus Wallet for the first time, selected Cardano transfer network, it took more than 30 min and fee was 3 ADA


I am trying to withdraw some ADA from Binance to Yoroi-wallet. And it is costing me 3 ADA (~$2USD).

Isnt it too expensive?? I suppose ADA would have a low cost transaction fee.

But I do not know if it is Cardano network fee or binance Fee ou both…

That is very very disappointing.

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Yes it is, ask binance why;

In yoroi I see low fee



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Hey guys, im pretty new to staking and was wondering, whats the logical minimum to send to yoroi wallet to stake? When you factor in all the costs, should it be at least 100 ADA or more/less? Thanks and sorry for the noobquestion

Hi @mouad_marroun ,

Welcome to Cardano Forum. Answering your question, you could start staking even with 5 ADA. What you delegate is your wallet, so whatever you put in your Yoroi wallet will be automatically staked into a stake pool that you choose.

And you can withdraw or add more ADA anytime you want. There is no bond time (28 days) or your ADA is locked for certain time like in Polkadot (DOT) coin. And there is no minimum 200 DOT to be eligible for staking like in Polkadot.

If you have any further question, do not hesitate to ask.

Wish you a nice weekend!

Best regards,

Hi All,

I just tried sending some ADA from Yoroi chrome, to my exchange. I input my exchange address, ADA amount and spending password. I hit send button and… nothing happens. It won’t even show up in my Yoroi transactions tab. Did I miss something? I re-tried it and now it says Error received from server while sending transaction.

Can you please provide some insight here?

Check the exchange’s address (sender address) on; do u see the transfered ADA to balance? If yes it means you successfully sent them but yoroi has sync issues, if not means u didn’t sent them and u need to perform again the transaction (again yoroi sync issues)


tried it with coinbase to yoroi shelley.
cost fee is always fixed only 0.18 ada, any amount transfer ada.
transfer very fast within seconds.
im amazed with how fast the transaction completed.

Hi Pust, on average it take 40 minutes to send a transaction? So slow?

Hmm, this was a good question. After checked, I found that binance only charge 1 ADA.


So, I think the problem is not over Binance.

I myself also want to know why there is additional 2 ADA was deducted from the wallet.
@admins , any thought on this?

Yes, Binance charges 1 ADA for each transaction.

How many of them were involved ?

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You read @Rog_Rigo statement, he said that 3 Ada was deducted from his account. I got no clue why this happened? That why I seeking help from the admin and others to explain this.

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Hi @lawweiliang @Rod_Rigo,

I use Binance also, and as @lawweiliang explained, the fee is 1 ADA. This 1 ADA will usually be deducted from the amount that you want to send from Binance to any wallet address.

I am also curious why 3 ADA in @Rod_Rigo case. Maybe checking the Transaction ID in Cardano Explorer could help to see what’s happening?

Another possibility is that 2 ADA deducted for staking deposit? If you do delegate in a pool, usually there will be 2 ADA deposit. Other than that, you need to check who deduct 3 ADA (Binance or another transaction).



Yes I did, and I agree with @andreassosilo, as it has been said (twice already) a verification of Cardano explorer will make clear how much fees were involved by transaction and in the case there is only one then it means that the emitter of the transaction took them for some reason. Whether it is legit (staking does make sense indeed) or not, only a query to Binance will confirm it.


Would you mind sending us the transaction id, let us check it out over Cardano explorer?

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