Binance-to-Yoroi & Yoroi-to-Binance transactions


I made my first transfer of ADA from binance to my yoroi wallet. I dont have the ADA coins in binance anymore but I my balance in my wallet is still 0.00000. Do you know if it takes a couple of days for the coins to show in my wallet?

Did u used cardano network when u sent the funds to yoroi right?

Also check the address where the ada were sent on … do u see the right balance? If yes then is ok, the ADA will be visible in yoroi (try to refresh the app)


Hello Sir,

I am interested in ADA staking on yoroi.

Is it possible to transfer it through BEP20(BSC)network or must be ADA network?
Thank you in advance

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Do not use BEP 20 network, it is binance network!!!

USE only CARDANO NETWORK otherwise the ADA will not arrive in Yoroi

First time try a small amount!


Thank you very much

BSC stands for Binance Smart Chain, in other words the Binance blockchain, suitable for Binance to Binance transactions.

Has anyone run into issues transferring from to yorio where the error message in binance says “withdrawal amount is more than the maximum limit 1. Lower withdrawal amount”

I am only trying to move about 3k ada so not sure why that would be a problem? Trying to move to Shelley wallet, which seems to be doable. I have also tried reducing the amount to half, which I have done before, and it still doesn’t work. Is this a new binance issue? They don’t respond to anything so hoping someone else has seen this

your limit for withdraw is 1 ADA? did u confirmed the account? contact binance support team
It is possible to have set a monthly withdraw limit?

Im having the same issue! No response from binance support either

currently having the same issue :frowning: