ADA sent to (not mine) Ae2td address. Binance to yoroi

I’ve encountered a problem. I tried to withdraw Cardano from my binance account to my yoroi wallet. Instead of creating a new receive address, I mistakenly used a previous transaction address listed as (not mine) Ae2td****… This is a byron style address, not shelly. Also, its (not mine).
My ADA is neither in my binance account nor my yoroi wallet
Would anyone know how to solve this problem.
It’d be greatly appreciated thank you

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Hi @SebStone,

Is the transaction successful? Did you get or know the Transaction ID? Check that Transaction ID using cardano explorer or cardanoscan.

Who own that wallet address (Ae2tdxxx)? You need to contact that wallet address owner. No other way. Hope it helps.

Hi @SebSton,

Did you check the transaction on the cardano explorer to confirm it has actually been transferred by binance to that address?

If not, binance might be able to help you if you contact them. If yes, then binance can’t help you since transactions cannot be undone after they are sent.

And was the address you sent it to maybe your own address but an address in your old byron wallet? If yes, then your ada will have arrived there and you should still be able to access your ada. Let us know.

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Try to restore ur old byron yoroi wallet; perhaps last times u sent ADA there and u are lucky…

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Hi, i used cardano explorer and cardanoscan and can see the ADA sitting in the wallet. How would i go about retrieving it from here? I dont think a byron era omitted wallet belongs to anyone specific, its how ADA is send from binance to a shelly walley address from what I understand

It was succsessful, and using cardano explorer i can see the ADA sitting in the wallet. Who would be an owner of this wallet?

I mistakenly used a previous transaction address listed as (not mine) Ae2td****

u should know, u used this address to send ADA in the past right? how many characters it has (the address)? If has only 58 then is a byron address… if it has 103 then it’s a shelley address

No i never used it before. If you go on the yoroi app, transactions, then hold down on any previous transaction, you can see multiple “from addresses”. They are greyed out and have (not mine) before each address

ok, not mine is the address from where the funds were received… so u must check for that transaction from where u received the ADA…

my first 10 ADA test was received from that address, but when i sent the rest of the ADA, i used that received address to send it to

ok, let me understand…

you test and sent 10 ADA from binance to yoroi… and u received them.

Then you copied the not mine address (sender address) and pasted it to binance to sender address right?
Then you should contact binance support team… you sent from binance to another binance address.


Yes exactly that. Ahh ok so it’s a Binance address. I’m still new to this so i’m not confident on how a lot of this works.
I’ll contact Binance support team,
thank you for the help!


I contacted Binance support and this was the response,

“I’m extremely sorry, but to be very precise, both the withdrawals that you have made from your end appear to be an external wallet & not Binance. Hence, it’s important for you to contact the receiving platform for further assistance.”

I don’t think there’s much Binance can do, and have told me to seek help from the receiving platform, yoroi

So, I will put a screenshot with one transaction


As u can see the “from address (not mine)” is the address from where the ADA came

and the “to address” is the address (yoroi) where ADA were sent

If I will send ADA to “not mine” address then the ADA will go to the sender wallet …

Can u share the not mine address? Do u see both transactions? 10 ADA and the 2nd one?


Mine is similar, but it has 11 From addresses, and the To addresses has +41 omitted addresses.
The address I sent it to from Binance was one of the 11 from addresses, which Binance states is not theirs

this is the not mine address where the ADA is sitting:

I only see the 10 ADA under transactions

But did u provided to binance these screenshots?


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Hello having problems to unstake on my yoroi wallet anyone know why?

What kind of problems?
Do u want to undelegate/deregister ur wallet?

I try to unstake and it doesn’t do nothing