I Sent my ada to an old qr code and the transaction occurred on the blockchain but the money isnt in my wallet


I was only sending the 281 ada to my wallet. On cardanoscan i see 2367 ada sent in total. Is that the total ada transactions that occurred on the blockchain?? How do i go about getting my ada. It’s not reflected in my yoroi wallet.

Hello @wrc12001

Address you posted starts with Ae2… That is an Icarus style wallet from Byron era. We are now in Shelly era wallets. Try to find the old wallet that you sent your Ada to and transfer it to your new one. Make sure you have the recovery phrases of those old wallets. You can go to Claim/Transfer tab in Yoroi. Click Byron, choose Icarus then select recover type that you have.


Move to shelley wallet. U can’t delegate with byron wallet :muscle: