Transfer to Yoroi wallet not reflecting

Hi there everyone, I’m new to Cardano and a little new to crypto as well, but know the basics of how things work and don’t believe I’ve made any critical errors here.

I set up a Yoroi wallet linked to my Ledger Nano S, and transferred ADA from a local exchange to the wallet address generated by the Yoroi wallet under the “receive” tab.

It’s been a couple of days and the ADA is not reflecting. The exchange has said they have processed the transaction on their side. More confusing perhaps is when I copy-paste the address into the Cardano blockchain explorer I get no results, as if the wallet doesn’t exist. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help me access my ADA?

The wallet address is as follows:


Thanks very much for any help.

Do you have any tx information from the exchange? If they sent your ada to an address you should have a tx information. Can you look or ask for that and check if you sent the ada to the correct address?


Thank you for your help Fabian,

I unfortunately did not receive any tx or anything like that. I have double checked that the address I provided is correct as I can see on the exchange the address I sent to matches.

I will ask them for some more proof they sent it and revert back. What exactly should I ask them to provide me with?

Thanks again!

May i ask which exchanges are we talking about?

Ask them for a transaction ID to see that they really sent the amount you asked to the correct address you said.


Thanks Fabian, I am waiting for them to get back to me.

I am from South Africa, and this is a local exchange called AltCoinTrader.

While by no means perfect, I do know they are legitimate in that they’ve been operating for years.

I will ask for the transaction ID to verify, thank you for your help.

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You are welcome. Keep me updated if needed to check the information you will receive.

Hi again, they got back to me and said this:

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused, after investigating we have found that your withdrawal failed to be broadcasted to the network, we have canceled and refunded your withdrawal back to your account. Please try to make a new withdrawal.”

Seems a little weird to me, but since it seems I did everything correctly on my side I’m going to attempt the withdrawal again :slight_smile:

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Im glad that we figured out what was the problem :slight_smile:

Good luck with the next transaction :stuck_out_tongue:


Just an update to anyone following this or with a similar problem in future, after they responded to me they actually processed the withdrawal and it is now on my Yoroi wallet.

So seems to be a genuine mistake from their side.

Thanks everyone for your help, much appreciated!