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Good Morning,
I am Yumtuk from Oz
My first transaction has not appeared in my new Yoroi wallet
I have tx ID and wallet address is correct
Is anyone available to help me find these funds?

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Hello Yumtuk from Oz! Great place!

Yes, i am sure we can figure out what happened here.

First of all, could you let us know where you sent your ada from (e.g. Exchange or another wallet)

Also, the wallet you sent your ada too, we need to establish if it’s a Yoroi Shelley Testnet Wallet or Yoroi Mainnet. If you know?

Many Thanks

P.s. you don’t need to send the address. Just whether you know if it’s a testnet or mainnet wallet

Hi Lgbeano,
Thanks heaps for the reply.
I will tell you what I know.
Firstly, I have some experience with Crypto, wallets, etc and wish to learn about Cardano
I bought ADA from CoinSpot and wanted to get it off exchange
I enabled Yoroi wallet wallet extension on Chrome Browser and sent funds from CoinSpot to Shelley-Testnet
Tx report in Coinspot shows the address to be the same as the receive address in my Yoroi wallet
Cardano app is loaded in my ledger device but I am not 100 percent sure Ledger and Yoroi working together properly - I used mnemonic phrase to reload and open Yoroi
More than happy to give other info you may need.

hi Yumtuk.

Thank you for your response. So if you have installed Yoroi Shelley Tesnet Browser Extensio, you are not able to send ada bought from exchanges to that wallet.

This would also explain why your ledger is not working with it.

It’s a shame the exchange you used allowed that transaction to appear to have taken place.

The good news is, it is an impossible transaction sending ada from mainnet to testnet, which includes an exchange to Testnet wallet. Their user interface on the exchange must just show it, however it hasn’t taken place on the blockchain as it’s two separate blockchains. If you contact them, hopefully they show the ada back in your account.

With the Ledger device… If you install the mainnet yoroi extension, you will see an option to access your hard wallet. This is where you will get your address and where you need to send the ada you bought. http://Yoroi-wallet.com is the official site to download.

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I had a feeling you probably knew what you were talking about!
It says a lot for the Cardano Project that there are willing and competent people giving their time for issues like this.
I will contact the exchange.
May I update you with the result?
Thanks (heaps) again

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Thank you :blush: Yes please do! Keen to know the results.

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You Da Man!!
Thanks Mate.
Pretty good way to start the day/week
Problem solved
Thanks Again!


Glad to hear it :blush: great result. Thank you for letting me know. Have you managed to successfully access Yoroi mainnet wallet with Ledger and send ada to it?

All Done!
Works Well.
Thanks Again

Great to hear. I will close the thread now :blush:. Take care