Setting yoroi wallet

Just signed up and completely new to Cardano.
A couple of days ago I set up my chrome extension and sent some ada to it… but I have not received them. Since I am quite ignorant about how does all this works, I am afraid I have done something wrong or have missed a step during set up. Can anyone please help? Thanks

Where did you send ada from - some exchange? Did you get a transaction id or did it say that transaction is done? Usually exchanges don’t make the transaction immediately, but any reputable one should do it within few hours.

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I made the transaction from a ptc site and got an email confirmation.

I don’t know that service so I cannot comment on that. But did you get the transaction id? You can check the progress from here: Cardano Explorer but once the sending is really done it takes only minutes. You can also search with the receiving address that you gave to them (it should start with “addr…”).

Thanks again. No, I did not get an id and the receiving address I got begins with 9ek… no letters at all.
Maybe I missed a step setting up my account? I simply signed up and established my standard wallet…
I got all my passcode words and that was all.
Can I send you a capture of my wallet?

Sorry, I meant no letters at the beginning of the receiving address.

Which chrome extension? There are thousands.

That doesn’t look like a Cardano address at all.

I have been talking about the yoroi extension to the other person attending me before.

Attached is my yoroi wallet…

As you can see at the balance in the top row, you have created an Ergo wallet, not a Cardano wallet.

Yoroi can do both and asks you at the very beginning which of the two you want to have, but they have nothing to do with each other. Ergo wallets cannot receive ADA.

All you can do is contact the exchange. They should still have the ADA, since there is no possibility that they have been sent to that address.

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OMG Thanks. I will follow your advice and see if I can fix this.


If, or when, you buy a significant amount of cryptocurrency of any kind, you should get a hardware wallet which you can get for about $120 or so. So, if your assets are worth 10 times as much, you want good protection.

Beware of the fact that there are many scammers out there. There are giveaway scams on youtube and on social media. All of them, facebook, telegram, discord and so on. There are fake support sites. Make sure you keep your seed phrase safe, never enter it to some ”updated” version of something. Anyone who asks for it is a scammer. Many have been scammed so you need to do proper research.

Yes. Thank you very much to all of you. You have been vey helpful.