Didnt receive ADA on YOROI, sent from another wallet

Hi guys.
I have ADA in a hot wallet (lets call it “A wallet”) and wanted to transfer some of that to YOROI so I could stake it. I installed YOROI and send the ADA from my A wallet to YOROI, using the adress that YOROI gave me, but the ADA dont appear in YOROI despite the transfer being registered in A wallet with de adress of YOROI as the receiver.
And in YOROI the adress appears as ‘not used’
Is it some inoperability between the two wallets? I dont know.
Can you help me?

Hello and welcome @diogomaia00

When creating a new wallet, it is advisable to test first by sending a small amount of ada (~10). As for the transaction, you could check if it was successful from a blockchain browser like cardanoscan.io and the receiving address. If the correct balance is shown it means everything is fine and you should wait some time before the transaction is reflected in Yoroi (maybe it’s just a sync issue).


From where did u sent the ADA?

Thank u @napoles

Yes thats what i did, i send just a small amount to try it first.
I went to cardanoscan.io and the balance is 0 but the status is ‘in active’ so i guess i’ll just have to wait. I saw my A wallet and its ‘sending’, waiting for confirmation so im more relieved now.
Thanks for the help.
Love this community

from a spanish wallet, maybe thats the reason why its taking more time to sync

Which status is inactive ? Are you sure it’s not related to the controlled stake key, in which case it does only mean that you haven’t delegated yet.

I’m not sure Spanish electrons are slower, but who knows in this day and age… Just kidding, there are other factors that could explain it.

It was from shelley to shelley, right?