Yoroi wallet ada gone

Ive send ada to my Yoroi wallet. Tooke more then 9 hours to recieve, but then it’s disappeared and wallet doesn’t see ada!? Can someone help me… can’t see it again for 24 hours

check one of your yoroi address on cardanoscan.io, do see the funds?

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Ill check one moment

You sent from an exchange? Do you have the address it was sent to and the transaction id?

You can search both of them on cardanoscan.io to see if and when the transaction went through and the current balance on that address.

Yoroi has some issues syncing in the last days. You can try the mobile version. It is reported to work better.

If you want you can also try one of the other wallet apps – ccvault.io, adalite.io, typhonwallet.io to connect to exactly the same wallet.

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Im on mobile Yoroi, when I put in on the link I see balance of the ada

Perfect, then u have a sync issue… try to refresh the wallet by pulling the wallet down with the finger

Yeah I tried already to do that for 24hours almost:( so you prefer to send to other wallet? But can’t now because I can’t see them?

If this goes on I miss the sundaeswap:(

U can try to restore the wallet (delete the wallet from yoroi and restore it) but first u will need to verify the seed words… did u ever restored the wallet in the past using the seed words?
If no then first restore the wallet on adalite.io and check the balance (and also u can delegate from there)

if the funds are visible on adalite then it’s fine to delete the wallet from yoroi and restore it again using the seed words


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Oke thank you! I will try later this evening have to sit for it haha. Hope it all work out and can participate on time


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If u see the right balance on cardanoscan.io then it will work 100%

Great! I try

You don’t have to send to use another wallet app. They are all just interfaces to the same wallet.

If you give the seed to adalite.io like @Alexd1985 suggested, you are already using another wallet app that can do (almost) the same things Yoroi can do.

And that’s why you also don’t need Yoroi to work, before using another wallet (app).


Which mobile wallet can I use to get in the sundaeswap

for the moment to delegate u can use yoroi…

In the Yoroi I can’t see them. That was my previous problem

It will work if u will delete and restore the wallet

Go to yoroi → add wallet → restore

Is adalite.io usable on the smartphone? Otherwise, I know that ccvault.io has an iOS app (https://apps.apple.com/de/app/ccvault-io/id1603854385), but no Android app (by now).

Anyway, we are past 21:45 UTC, so it is probably too late. Sorry!

To late for what? The epoch will change in 48 hours :slight_smile:

To get these Sundaeswap tokens, wallets had to be delegated to a Sundaeswap pool by 21:45 UTC this evening, they said on their website. That’s why some of the people were so stressed.

… But now the website says 25th of January: WEN SUNDAE? Thursday! - SundaeSwap
I could swear that it was 18th, a couple of hours ago.
(But 25th makes so much more sense, since it is an epoch boundary.)

I’m personally not into all of this. I’m old. But I’m always glad to try to help them.

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No problem, that’s why I asked… I don’t know much about sundae launch :))

I believe they need to delegate this epoch… so on 25 the stake should be active… but it’s not clear for me

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