Yoroi wallet ada gone

You seem to have seven more days to get into the Sundaeswap ISO:

Anyone know what to do now? I see my ada back in balance but now I wanna join or need to delegate? But to where

What is a sundaeswap pool? I I fill in like that nothing come up

you will need to delegate to one pool from the list

So after delegate I get ada rewards but also sundaeswap?

yes, you will receive ada and SS tokens, but I don’t know exactly when you will receive the SS tokens, they should announce more details

I’ve had it in stake for a full epoch but didn’t get any rewards or sundaeswap back

Staking rewards are distributed 15 days (3 epochs) after the snapshot of the stake is taken. If you stake for longer, you will, of course, get rewards every epoch, every five days. But they are for the stake and the stake pool snapshotted 15 days earlier. (This stake was used to calculate the block production of the pools between day 5 and day 10.)

That’s also why a change of stake pool only has an effect after this period.

The SundaeSwap airdrop has to be ordered/withdrawn by some process. Last time I checked, it was not totally clear, how. But they promised that you will have a long time – like a year or so – to do it. But they will not be dropped automatically.