Yoroi Issue Sync Funds Lost?!?!

I just deleted Yoroi to restore my wallet it was not syncing and I had no option, please don’t tell me I just lost $400 (400 $ADA ; now worth over $800) I’m sick please help guys.


And did u restored ? The wallet?

Yeah I did, it took over 5 mins to sync and last night it didn’t for over 5 hours.

It finally synced but I never have had this issue, might have to switch to Atomic Wallet or something else, Yoroi might be losing me.

No, but what is the issue now after the reset? Same 0 balance?

No, the issue is the syncing still, it used to be instantaneous if not 2 seconds, now it is like 2+ mins to sync and screen has to be kept on.

Ok, understand, do u have an urgency? Do u want to use the funds?

No it was just unnerving to not have access to them when they are right there due to traffic/sync issues, never had that issue before.

Understand, asked because if u will have an urgency u can use adalite.io