We encountered a problem while fetching your current balance


I had roughly 2,515 ADA and have been staking it the past 1-2 months and now it won’t show my balance in the wallet.

Please help!

Marlin “Fish”

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See other recent posts here in the forums. Sort by “latest.” There are others seeing issues with Yoroi syncing data, but there’s no reason to think the funds are at all affected. Perhaps due to the rise in value, there’s more traffic than usual, slowing down communications. I wouldn’t worry!

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Be patient, yoroi issues

Ok, appreciate the quick response!

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Remeber u can also check the wallet address on cardanoscan.io… as long u are seing the balance there… is fine

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Did not know that trick… I’m a bit green. Balance is intact! Unreal support here! Thank you Alex!


That’s because ADA (yours, mine, etc) are stored on blockchain not in yoroi…yoroi/daedalus/etc it’s just an interface to access/spend them


I appreciate the explanation!

Same here. Checked Cardanoscan earlier and everything in is still there. I know there are a TON of new wallets onboarding with the rise in ADA price due to the smart contract announcement so I kinda expected this.

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Where do you find the wallet address?

From your wallet app

Wallet app - receive section and copy any address

I’ve had this going on for almost 24 hours now. Is there a usual amount of time these kinds of issues last? Also, any great Yoroi alternatives for iOS anyone recommend? Thanks