Yoroi Wallet Empty

Hi guys,

I just looked into my Yoroi wallet, which contained substantial ADA, and it is completely empty. First there was an error, and I had to log into my wallet again with seed phrase, and it is 0. What has happened? Is this some display error?

Do u see any transaction in transactions history?

After going through secret words, my old wallet has come back, though doesn’t include what I sent over this morning. It says we are experiencing synchronization issues, pull to refresh. Also there is a wallet with the same name, that shows a zero balance, with no transactions.

Now it looks to be updated, thankfully. The zero wallet is still there - is there a way to remove it?

yeah, go inside the app - wallet and delete the wallet with 0 funds

happy delegation!

Great, that’s done. Still having synchronization issues, hopefully it will resolve itself soon

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Make sure you use one of the 2 official wallets and download it only from the right source

Hi guys,
What’s the problem with the synchronization issues on the yoroi mobil app wallet?

I think there is a huge traffic these days, be patient the sync issue will disappear (try to refresh the app by pulling down)

Ok thanks✌