I need help please

Hello I’m new to Cardano but have invested around £200+ into my wallet and opening my wallet up just a minutes ago it has disappeared. I have not shared anyfo with anyone. What has happened?

Hi @Aaron . Let’s get some more information. Where is your ada? What kind of wallet did you use?

Did you write down your passcode and passphrase? (24 words)

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My Ada has gone the yoroi app is saying there is no transaction history but when I go into receive wallet history it shows there has been 2 requests for wallet addresses. I have delegated to and that was to monad group. But it’s saying I’m not delegating either. No I bought a ledger to help with security only to find you can’t use it on a previously created wallet. So I still used my fingerprint log in only. Can you tell me how my wallet has been emptied? Surely there should be history of it.
I appreciate that £200+ is not a great deal to what some people invest but it’s all I had.

Yes to password


It’s about yoroi?

If u are not seeing a transaction in history then u are fine.

Check one address from the wallet (receive tab) on cardanoscan.io

Do u see the right balance?

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Gentlemen thank you for your assistance, I am totally unsure of what is happening but I turned on my computer set up yoroi on my browser, restored my wallet to that system and all my coins and transaction history is there, logged back into my wallet on my mobile and its still displaying a zero balance, so I have uninstalled the yoroi app on my phone and will now just use my pc and also setup a new wallet to use the ledger with.

Thank you again to those who have helped me I deeply appreciate it, I still don’t understand why the discrepancy, but just so relieved to have my coins back.


Probably syncronization issue which u will see often these days :wink:


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Appreciate everyone’s input and post’s, but I think I will just use the pc from now on.

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I just removed and restored my wallet with the 15 word recovery I had. I have 0 ADA fund.
I only had one wallet and I had saved my recovery words. What is going on? Help!!!