My yoroi shows no tnasaction and my Ada disappeard

hello there , can someone please help me recover my ada . I had a problem with my computer and i got it fixed. today i was trying to send some ada from coinbase to yoroi wallet , but i couldnt see My cardano or history in the yoroi extension . please help,. thanks

Perhaps yoroi sync issues, be patience

thank you , i will be patient , but I am worried they are gone.

If u don’t see any transactions in history then u will not should worrie; also check one of the yoroi wallet on … do u see the right balance? If yes is fine

i’m sorry , but i’m not sure how would i check with the

Go to yoroi-receive section-copy one address and past it on

U should see the all balance of the wallet

i did what you told me, but the i see the balance 0
transaction 0 no token

Can u paste the address here?

Also, what issues had your PC? Did u reinstalled the yoroi wallet?

yes i reinstalled it .


Aaa ok, then perhaps u didn’t restored the right wallet… it was a shelley or byron wallet?

To restore the wallet:

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era or byron era)
  • restore wallet and use the 15 seed words

Check if u have more seed words

PS: u can check in the address used to receive ada from coinbase

it was shelly , and i restored it using the 15 seed words

nothing changed. you have a great weekend , thank you so much

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Hello there, happy Sunday , i just want to let you know that my ada are back . Thanks a lot for the time you dedicated to help me. i appreciate it .


Glade u solved it