Yoroi Synchronization Issues

This is still an issue? Seems to be related to end of epoch rewards calculation. I am running Yoroi on IPhone8.

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Same here, can’t access my funds =(

Anyone know what’s going on?


Im having the same sync issues also


I’m freaking out. Please someone advise. Same thing happened to me. Why is it only a few ppl experiencing it?

I have too much Cardano in one wallet. Going to diversify after this incident. I cant trust Yoroi

Do we just wait? Or do we have to restore the wallet or something?

Be patient, I have seen this before and it happens at end of each epoch just usually resolves by now. But it does need to be fixed by the github teams.

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I’m having the same issues.

I tried restoring, unsuccessful.

I’m seeing the same thing. Sigh.

Makes me want to just hold in Coinbase pro instead. The last few days have been great watching price take off. This issue is killing my buzz

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How long have you seen this issue get resolved? Couldn’t sync all day…

Has anyone contacted Yoroi? I sent in a support request for the sync issue. Haven’t heard anything yet.

Coinbase pro doesnt offer staking though

I sent one to but no reply yet… quite frustrating

True, it’s the only other platform I’m comfortable with though. I know my ada is probably safe, but I’m really not liking the not knowing

So only certain users are affected for this long? Or is everyone dealing with this?

iPhone 8 - same, glad I stake in Exodus too - but frustrating as I just added and Coinbase shows transfer - but nothing on Yoroi. Disappointed

Same issue, has to be calculation time issue

Our funds are still safe right? We just have to wait this out?

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