Yori wallet issues?

Hello, is there issues with Yori wallet at the moment ?
When I check my Chrome extension I see my balance buy it does not seem to sync to rewards or delegation (just spinning circles) if that makes sense. I check my mobile App and I get my balance but does not show it as being delegated ?

Everything was working earlier but now sync or some other issues going on ?

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Yes they still have sync issues

Thanks. I havnt noticed anything the last week or so and it was working earlier, has this just started ?

Many people are reporting problems for like 15 days. I am not sure others have problems and others don’t. Mine on mobile still works fine.

Hello, I’m experiencing the same sync issues. Started in the AM or when i 1st checked to see my pool reward balances. Hopefully there will be some support.


Definitely some issue just started happening, not sure where else to raise a ticket.

You can also contact their support

I dont know where the yoroi devs are or if there are any, this is just ridiculous no one to any of our question or help, i opened three tickets with them now even a response.

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That page just refers back to the cardano forum and telegram channels, in which no support is given. Someone said to just use adalite but its not a recommended wallet on the cardano webpage so I am not entering my seedphrase there. Is there anything I can do?

If you scroll down there is a “contact us” button and at the new page down right you press contact again to send a message.
And FYI adalite is perfectly safe

Have you contacted the Yoroi Wallet support like @Xpriens suggested, I tried the search box they have in contact us area for sync issue and nothing came up. the last time I checked the balance it was Oct 18 and it was okay. Now I can see my ADA as being delegated because “DELEGATE” button is greyed out.

On the Dashboard Total ADA is showing, Total Rewards and Total Delegated are spinning wheels. At bottom it says “Error received from server while getting account state.” Are you having the same issue as me?

Thank you so much. I put my trust in Yoroi Wallet since I found the wallet to be faster and much easier to use than Daedalus, I had multiple syncing issues with Daedalus wallet and was very frustrated so I switched to Yoroi wallet after I saw Charles mention how great Yoroi is with the wallet’s development

I am looking forward to hear good news from the Yoroi wallet development team


People here getting multiple sync issues aswell on Yoroi and no replies from support

the team is working hard to fix the issue, when they will have an update I am sure they will provide it… till then be patient… the funds are safe

if you will need to withdraw the funds, there is always an alternative (adalite.io/daedalus)

I have been using adalite ever since their first release, and I have no problem ever.