Yoroi android wallet synchronization issue

Hello, really need help with a synchronization problem on my mobile version of yoroi, I selected to withdrawal staking rewards and has been refreshing ever since. It keeps saying pull down to refresh but does not work. Im worried and cant access my balance.


It’s fine, just sync issues, check the balance on cardanoscan.io (copy one address from yoroi and paste it there); if u see the right balance then u mist have patience… these days (til smart contracts release)if u have an emergency and u want to access the wallet u can restore it on adalite.io

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Oh ok, just checked in the top section says a balance of 0 but in the bottom controlled stake key section shows the correct balance (controlled total stake ), is this normal?

is it normal… because u check a unused address… you can click on view all addresses (on cardanoscan - total stake section)

Ok I understand thank you very much, just in case It does not sync in the next couple of days, if I use adalite to restore the wallet will it let me access and use my balance using mnemonic also is it safe? I appologize for all the questions this is the first time I use all of this and cant find any direct answers to this type of issue online.

yes, adalite.io (the original site) is safe, you can use it for restore the wallet, perform transactions (withdraw rewards/move funds/delegate, etc)

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Awesome, thank you so much. Youve been very helpful

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