My Yoroi wallet showing 0ADA balance and 0 tranaction history

Help restore my ADA balance and NTFs …

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Copy one address from yoroi and paste on … do u see the right balance?

How long will it be like this for my Yoroi mobile wallet?

This is what I see … balance showiing 0 and no NFT but I do see transaction history for 3 days ago, where my wallet showing 0 transaction. I’ve Staked all my ADA 3 days ago.

Balance 0.0
Value $ 0.0
Transaction Count 2




Same I have all 0s but under Transactions it shows I have available funds. But then says I have no funds when I go to send them

Same. Sent ADA from Gerowallet to Yoroi. Blockchain is showing the transaction, but Yoroi is not.

Looks like I’m not the only one having issue. :frowning:

Looks like issue fixed… I see my balance now :slight_smile: Thx Alex!!

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Can u share the address here? Or go down on to total stake, perhaps this address has no funds

I see already fixed, yoroi sync issues…

Thx again …but I’m still waiting my NFT show up on .my Wallet again

You can check the NfT on if u copy one address there

Thanks Alex for the responses means a lot!

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If u still see 0 balance on the mobile wallet, u can try to restore it, but first u must check the seed words

PS: try to refresh the app by pulling down (more times)

All looks good now … delay sync issue.

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Hi Alex - Do we know when the general syncing issues will be sorted? I’m still having issues accessing mine and it’s been over 24 hours.

I think the issue is random for users… for example I don’t see the sync issue anymore, try to refresh the app (if it’s on mobile) or re-sync the wallet (if it’s on PC)

Thanks for the reply. I’ve downloaded an ADAlite and it seems like everythings in order there - just weird that it’s not working on Yoroi. I know this is a stupid question, but for peace of mind: re-syncing Yoroi won’t have any affect on the nfts I hold will it.

Thanks again,

I think not but u can open a case to Yoroi team via app… (not telegram) just submit an issue; can you create for test another wallet (simple wallet) bkped the seed words… and move the nft to that address?

Hello I 've the same problem, I’ve checked the address at and everything seems to be ok but i can’t see my ada balance on yoroi.