Yoroi shelly testnet wallet - restored wallet but shows 0 funds?

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit late to this, but I’m trying to restore a yoroi wallet to be able to delegate/stake. The funds were on the yoroi wallet during the snapshot last year.

I’ve restored the wallet successfully + upgraded the wallet. However I the ADA balance is 0? How can I diagnose this?

I could try restoring the wallet again… But I’m not sure if that could potentially mess anything up?

I’m also aware there were issues with yoroi earlier today - not sure if those are related?

@chrissound, I assume you restored from a backup?

If it is the case then the only suggestion is to talk with support, as you have seen in threads that indeed there was a technical issue. :metal:

@Trigger I restored from the 15 word recovery. This was initially a Yoroi wallet as well - from the byron main net if I understand correctly.

Yes, you can re-restore and re-upgrade the same wallet as many time as you want and it doesn’t cause an issue.

When you say the balance is 0, do you mean that when you try and upgrade it says no balance was found, or do you mean when you upgrade your wallet no transaction gets made? If it’s the 2nd case, I recommend just trying again. If it’s the 1st case, I’d double check if that recovery phrase really held ADA during the snapshot.

Hi thanks for the help.

I tried to upgrade a second time, when restoring it does say it found a balance, and to upgrade the wallet it submits a transaction - it then shows me the old and new address. And a transaction id.

It all says successful etc but I still end up with 0 balance. Looking up the transaction id in https://itnexplorer.cardano.org/ - it says transaction invalid?

I’ll try doing this once again and look at the web request - see if I spot anything. If you have any ideas though I’d be happy to hear them.


I see the “Confirm transaction” dialog:

Shows recovered balance + transaction fee + final balance (all looks good).
Shows “success your funds were successfully transferred”

I see a request to /api/txs/signed witha signedTx parameter. The response is [] (http 200). But it still keeps showing 0 balance?