Zero balance after restoring Yoroi wallet

My phone was restored to factory settings. I reinstalled Yoroi and tried to restore my Shelley wallet using my list of 15 words. I’m not sure what happened (it was more than 1 year ago) but apparently the list I saved is for my Byron wallet from which I transferred my funds to my Shelley wallet.
My Byron wallet shows only the initial funding transaction and the one where I transferred the funds to my Shelley wallet.
After sending the funds to my Shelley wallet, I staked them (I believe) on Adapolis.
I have the Byron and Shelley addresses and the transaction ID.
Is there any way that someone could help me “unstake” my funds and send them to my restored Byron wallet, so I could put them on a new Shelley wallet (and stake them again)?

Nope, nobody can help you… u must find the seed words (15 words) for shelley wallet then restore the shelley wallet

So my money is gone…
:cry: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I’m willing to put a 20% reward on recovering my ~6000 ADA (not much, I know) to whomever is able to restore them from the stake pool to my Byron wallet. Anyone up to the challenge?

Without the seed words nobody can hack the wallet… try to search for the seed words instead… u must have it somewhere… without the seed words u couldn’t completed the shelley wallet installation
Perhaps a picture, perhaps on a paper, etc

Do you see it on the blockchain by clicking on the address.the ADA was received? Yori shows my balance as zero. But, I see it on Cardano Scan Explorer.

did u copied one address from yoroi and checked on
If the funds are visible on then try to restore the wallet one more time

There were two addresses for ADA received in Yoroi. I’ve checked and restored the wallet through two other browsers and my mobile phone. Then I went on to install cvvault and Typhoon Wallet. All zero.

I sent the ADA from ADA Lite to Yoroi. You can see on the blockchain ADA Lite went to zero. The addresses received 727 and 100 for a total of 827 through Yoroi received addresses. This 827 balance was shown in Yoroi until fairly recently. Why it is zero now I don’t understand.

The checksums and seed words are identical on all wallets.

There has to be truth to this, but I can’t find it. I sent information with screenshots to Yoroi support. They responded a few times requesting me to do some of the stuff I did. Hope this mystery gets discovered. I only understand so much and I can’t go further.

Can u share one address from your yoroi wallet which is showing 0 balance?

Where it came from shows the zero balance. On the blockchain it only shows zero when it left ADA Lite:


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The only addresses in Yoroi in the blockchain show the balances. Nothing went from Yoroi. The balance was showing correctly for some time. Then it went to zero. I can’t see it leaving or hacked. Wouldn’t I see an address where it was leaving and the balance becoming zero?

This address had 100 ADA as u can see from transactions history
It means the wallet with funds has another seed words if it was a simple/standard wallet, if u ised a ledger then just pair the ledger with yoroi/, etc

If I go into the ADA Lite wallet this is what you see for the 100 transaction.
07/28/2021, 13:47:44 07/28/2021, 13:47:44 -100.168273 Fee 0.168273

The ADA Lite opens with the same memory seed as the Yoroi wallet.

This is in Yori:
From addr1q857y…suaqnxa2kf -106

To addr1q8g09…qwgqjmpjy6 +100
To addr1q9lpf…suaqkvmsvz +6

This 100 showed up correctly as a part of the whole balance in Yoroi. I would go back later and send my last 27 ADA from ADA Lite to Yoroi and that 27 added to the balance easily and showed.

I have done nothing else in the Yoroi wallet since. So, why did it disappear? The entire balance is present in the blockchain. If it was hacked would it not have a balance of zero?

But these addresses with funds belong to another wallet (seed words)

When I go into ADA Lite using my Ledger I get zero.
“if u ised a ledger then just pair the ledger with yoroi/, etc” What does pairing with yoroi/ mean? I can’t use the Ledger with Yoroi.

However, I sent the ADA to Yori. I can see the sending from adalite and the receiving in Yori. So, I am confused. I’m looking at addresses received in Yoroi and I see them in the blockchain. Where would they go if they really aren’t there. I am stuck in my understanding.

If you use the same seed phrase for both, you would not need to “send“ from one to the other. They would have the same balance, anyway, just be two interfaces to exactly the same wallet.

There are surely two accounts/wallets involved. You sent everything from the wallet with the stake key stake1uy3cxm5dsak8t833xe82h9g4tl0hqr7svcam7ngq7sycwwsmuph8t to the wallet with the stake key stake1u85hz635vwjnx2xexwyr8ge6sz05tsg2lr3lmrm7uwnq8yq9pn2y4.

You need to find out which one you are looking at in Yoroi. You can see the stake key at “Receive” – “Reward”. If you are really looking at the second wallet, it should show the 827.35 ADA balance. If it does not, try “Resync Wallet” at “Settings” – “Wallet”.

If you are looking at a different wallet, you really need to find the seed phrase for the second wallet. There are definitely two different wallets involved, so you must have two different seed phrases. Seed phrases are wallets. It does not matter, which wallet app – Daedalus, Yoroi, adalite, … – you use to access them, they are all interfaces to the same wallet given by the seed phrase.

.My 6 hours are up for waiting so I reposted as a reply rather than an edit and having to go back one step.

Nope, it’s not about hack… did u checked if the funds are on ledger? How did u restored the ledger? You don’t need a seed word to restore the ledger wallet

If you do not see the funds, when giving the 15 seed words to adalite, then you have sent them to another wallet, not the one for these 15 seed words.

It doesn’t matter if you use adalite or Yoroi. They access the same wallets. They are just interfaces to the blockchain.

Do you perhaps have more than one wallet created in Yoroi and chosen the wrong one when copying the receive addresses?


You should be able to use a Ledger with Yoroi. Just choose “Connect to hardware wallet” in the “Create a new wallet” dialog. If you already have a hardware wallet (or even several), it’s not a good idea to move back to software wallets.

But first, you have to get access to your funds back. See if you have another seed phrase somewhere, another wallet configured in your Yoroi, from which the addresses that you sent to came.

This just means that it is not possible to buy and sell ADA in the Ledger Live application (which supports several other currencies directly without the need to use a wallet application). You can use the Cardano plugin and connect to adalite, Yoroi, Daedalus, … without problems. That has nothing to do with Ledger Live, just with the Ledger.

Keep in mind my entire 827 ADA balance was showing correctly for some time. I went to check. I did 27 later and added to the 800. The balance just disappeared.

It came to the Yoroi wallet with the 24 seed words. You can see this in my Yoroi wallet and on the blockchain.

Here is one of the transactions:
+400 ADA

Here is another:

+200 ADA