Yoroi Android App sync issues

Hey there,

I’m unable to access my wallet for a couple of days due to the error: “we are experiencing synchronization issues. Pull to refresh”
What’s going on?


Maybe you could try to restore your wallet via adalite.io if you need access to your funds right now.

Thanks for your reply. Meanwhile I can access my funds via the Yoroi browser extension. I was just wondering if this issue with the app is known or just happening to me

Same problem for me, using the Android app. Sync error. Any more info on this issue?

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How do I use the browser extension? Do I need to restore my wallet?

Hi, I am also experiencing the same issue, I created my wallet yesterday and delegated my ADA. Yoroi App and browser extension can`t sync for a few hours now.
The browser extension is constantly crashing

I also have a question regarding staking when you delegate to a pool, do the system move your ADA intrawallet to new address?

Nope, the funds should not be moved

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I’m experiencing sync issues with Yoroi on iPhone 12 Pro Max

Read this

Yap… it only works on PC, but on android there is no such option

Hi, this option is not available on iOS

Same problem for me, using the Android app. Sync error. On Android also not available.
Any more info on this issue?

I do check the funds across all wallets with ADA Monitor

When i try to open yoroi on android i am getting a msg that says unexpected error
Request operation failed. Row too big to fit into CursorWindow required Pos=0, totalRows=1

This happened after I bought a couple of $HOSKY tokens.