Experiencing Synchronization Issues?

I’ve been Staking w Kiwi pool for a few weeks now. few days ago I goto check my staked ADA balance and I cannot see it due to a synchronization issue. it prompts me to reset but it’s been a cpl of days like this. please advise if anyone else is experiencing this issue.
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What wallet are you using?

I think yoroi as he tagged it
I also had sync issues with yoroi, you @CrypDryp must have patience and try to refresh the wallet:

  • if it is web → settings → re-sync
  • if it is mibile → refresh the app by pulling down with finger

Ah i didnt see the tag ^^

Yeah there seems to me a issue right now with Yoroi.

Try to use adalite.io in the meantime.

I’m having same issue for 3 days now. Re-sync doesn’t help, keep getting never-ending loading circle. Created new wallet on mobile and it won’t show any pool delegation info on it either. Started staking a week ago.

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There are many people with this issue and we cannot get any help from the Yorooi team this is crazy.


But you must wait , the team is working to fix it… if u need to withdraw the funds you can do it via adalite.io … if it’s not a rush then have patience

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I wanted to withdraw last night to invest some into something else which has exploded in price overnight, so I won’t be doing that now.
If I open an Ada lite using my ledger, will I have to start over re staking? Or will my staking info get transferred from Yoroi to my ledger? Thank you.

The stake will be the same … adalite is, like yoroi or daedalus, just an app to access the ADA which are on blockchain secured by ledger … so u can connect the ledger on adalite.io and perform transactions from there; it’s 100% safe as long u are using the original site

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Ok thank you

Same here, i restored my wallet in firefox, did it again on y android phone same friggin issue

Hello. Dies anyone know how to sync my desktop Yoroi with my mobile Yoroi. The desktop was created first and will be the one I would need mirrored to the mobile. Thank you,

You only have to restore your wallet on your Yoroi Mobile app with your seedphrase.

Hi same issue here my Yoroi iPhone 12 app having syncing issues for days now, is there an issue ongoing? Is there a timeframe for the fix?

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Hello. Having sync issues with Yoroi to Android mobile. Wallets are not showing up in the mobile app. If you know how to fix this issue please let me know.

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I’m still trying to transfer some of my Ada off my Yoroi onto an exchange. I have a lot and want to buy something else with some of it before it’s too late. Tried using my mobile app and it said encryption error. Are you saying that the only way I can access my Ada is to transfer it to adalite? Will I be able to get it off of there?

Actually it looks like it’s working with my laptop now. Extremely slow but confirming.

Also having issues. The amount of ada displayed in Yoroi is incorrect and I can not perform any transactions (getting an error). Anything I can do?

Use adalite.io

I’m having the same issue with Yoroi!