Ada not showing up in my yoroi wallet

So I’ve withdrawn my Ada from binance to my yoroi wallet, it’s came up confirmed and the Ada has left my binance but is not showing up in my wallet. I used the correct address and have double checked I never made any mistakes. The app yoroi is saying it is having synchronisation issues, how ever could someone please help me


Wait a little bit, maybe it needs time to sync

I also have sync issue on yoroi app


Yoroi has currently some issues with their backend. Will be fixed soon.

High demand… sounds ADA will :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Thank you all. I’m just extremely worried As you can tell lol. I’ll just wait out

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Will be fine, you will can delegate your ADA

All sorted :pray:t2: Time to delegate


Alex i am having same issue today for first time. Is yoroi having another problem?

What is ur ticker? Usually when ur pool is not available in yoroi there is a issue with the relay… port closed or issues with topology updater script


It’s not a delegation problem. I transferred ada coins from exchange to yoroi wallet but the desktop version is saying it has syncing issues and my coins are not showing up. So i was wondering if yoroi has an issue in their backend again? I already checked the address and it is correct. The exchange already marked it as complete but this is the first time i am encountering such issue.

Could be, try to re-sync manually or u can wait