Ada not showing in yoroi wallet

Transfered ada from binance to yoroi. The transaction is confirmed, however the balance on the yoroi wallet is 0. The balance shows up the cardanoscan explorer for the receiving address of the yoroi wallet the funds were sent to. With ada not showing up on yoroi I cannot stake it. Is there something I can do about it?


Try to refresh the app, or try to restore the wallet;
Can be a synchronization issue

If u have question don’t hesitate to ask


PS: if u see the funds on explorer then u are fine no need to panic

Happy delegation!

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First make sure your recovery phrase is safe and that you have those.

Second you can restore your wallet using daedalus or and it should work fine. As @Alexd1985 said if your transaction is on the blockchain and you sent it to your own address you are fine.

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