Balance does not appear in Yoroi wallet

I created my wallet at Yoroi today. I made the transfer by Binance from ADA and it was completed successfully. The balance does not appear in the Chrome plugin. I opened the wallet in the iOS app and the balance is there, but the account access is read-only. I’ve already done the wallet synchronization on the website and it didn’t work. Inside CardanoScan the transaction is ok… How do I solve this problem?

Try to restore the yoroi wallet using the seed words

Hi… I’ve already done it and I wasn’t successful… It seems that we have a serious problem in the wallet where it doesn’t show the account values.
Are you able to use any other wallet to be able to move the coins?

Yes, u can restore the wallet on

Hi, i just sent my ADA from kraken to my yoroi wallet and it says complete on the Kraken side. But when i go to my Yoroi wallet it still says 0 ADA on the dashboard, but when i look at my yoroi wallet on cardano scan it shows its there. Is it just a matter of waiting or is there a way to fix this?

I’m trying to send ADA to my Yoroi wallet but I can’t copy the address in the receive part of the wallet. Anyone else having trouble?