ADA not received in Yoroi wallet from Binance

Just confirmed withdrawal from Binance to Yoroi wallet. Address confirmed on cardano explorer for the transaction amount. Everything was accurate. Unfortunately none of my ADA is in my Yoroi wallet. How long does it take to show up?

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It usually takes seconds, but yoroi node(s) seems to be having issues, the team has been notified. Should be sorted shortly.
Meanwhile, you can use Daedalus Mainnet (full node wallet) or ADALite (web wallet) if any urgent outgoing transfers need to made.

Balance showing up fine on explorer means you have nothing to worry about.

Ok I just checked on adalite. My balance is there so I can breath easy. Hopefully it is reflected on Yoroi some time today

Yep - as soon as issue on Yoroi servers is sorted, it will show up fine

I am facing the same issue . it’s been almost 3 hours now . any updates on this ?

wat if the explorer says " we could not found what you are looking for ". could you please help …thanks

Hey guys
I am also facing the same issue… the explorer is showing a transaction ID but underneath that it is showing an error message that reads, Transaction does not exist…
Do I need to be worried?
Thank you…

Retrieved the correct link this time :grin:

In a nutshell there are issues and they’re scrambling to put it right as quick as possible, your funds/assets are safe and obviously being a blockchain everything can be checked and identified.

Everything should be working now. Let us know if you still have any issues


Everything working fine now…
thank you very much…

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