Where is the ADA?

I made a withdrawal from Binance a couple of minutes ago.In my yoroi wallet it shows transaction failed but in binance it shows that the withdrawal was successful! So where are all my coins? Please someone help me out.

Failed for what reason ? What do you see on cardanoscan.io ? Apparently you opened 2 threads for the same issue (ADA missing in yoroi wallet?) maybe you can close this one since you gave more details on the other…

yeah I thought I deleted this one. On cardanoscan it shows high assurance (2366 confirmations) and balance amount all as proper I can see the actual value on adalite just yoroi doesn’t show the right balance.

Umm how do I close it ? I tried to delete but it says I don’t have permission to do so

Are you sure you’ve got the same wallet on Adalite and Yoroi ? Because it seems your transaction was validated after all. For post deletion you’d have to ask @discourse-admin I presume.

Hi Raph, it was the same wallet.I only have one since I just started all this. Anyways now the balance has changed to the correct amount :slight_smile:

Ok, just a bug without consequences then…

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