BINANCE ADA Withdrawal not received (YOROI)

Hello there,

Made a test withdrawl from binance to the my YOROI address. Binance confirmed the trasancation but still no balance in my YOROI wallet (its been a couple of hours now). I’ve input my YOROI adress in and the balance is OK, the transaction looks good. I’ve also re-sync the YOROI wallet (settings/re-sync) but nothing.

Can anybody help ?


Try to delete the wallet and restore it using the seed words … if still not showing the balance on yoroi but show on then u should wait til yoroi sync issues will be solved

Thanks for the quick reply Restore my wallet with the 15 word phrase and still nothing apparently I used the Shelly address. What should I do ?


Unfortunately you will have to wait until Yoroi solves it’s sync issues. Funds are there, you just can’t access them until this problem is solved

Thanks, guess I’ll have to wait. I’ll keep you guys upddated.

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