ADA missing in yoroi wallet?

I made a withdrawal from binance to yoroi. In yoroi it showed transaction failed but in binance it shows as withdrawal successful. For a very weird brief moment while i was searching for what I should do it showed somehow that the transaction was successful and the total amount was displayed in my wallet but then it went back to failed and the coins are missing! I thought maybe it was something to do with syncing and I should wait for a while but its been more than 11 hrs and no change. I tried to re-sync the wallet in settings and now that failed transaction has disappeared and still the correct amount has not been updated. I then went to adalite and now I see the correct amount of ADA is there in adalite. Cardanoscan shows assurance high with over 1960+ confirmations for that transaction. So why is yoroi like this? How to fix? No replies from support either. What is going on ? Please can someone help me out here?

Your correct balance is the balance which is shown on or

Perhaps the yoroi has few synchronization issues these days… try to restore the yoroi wallet with the seed words

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Thanks for replying Alex. I did restore it again with the phrase but there was no change, the transaction and the amount are both missing, my previous ADA is still there. I guess as you said the transaction is done as the balance in adalite and cardanoscan shows the correct amount but I’m wary of using adalite as i have to type the mnemonic phrase each time I want to check it or do something. I want to order a hardware wallet soon but till then what should I do? Not send anymore ADA to yoroi or send it to adalite instead or just keep it in the exchange? Will it somehow cause a conflict if I now use adalite instead of yoroi? I read that the keys are stored on the device so if i remove the yoroi extension what happens ? Sorry for overloading you with many questions.

No problems man, first ur ADA are stored on blockchain and Yoroi or is just a way to access them… as long the shows u the correct balance u are fine… u can uninstall anytime yoroi (if u have the seed words) and install it again

So, in my oppinion u should wait more time in order to see the correct amount on yoroi; it looks like the yoroi has a sync issue

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Hi Alex issue has been resolved, transaction is now showing and correct balance is displayed too! Thanks!

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