ADA sent from Coinbase not showing up in YOROI

I sent all of my ADA from Coinbase to my Unused Address on Yoroi wallet. Transaction was completed on Coinbase’s side with over 186 confirmations. I double and triple checked the address I sent to is the Yoroi wallet address. Maybe it’s because that unused address says verify next to it. I’m not sure if I need to verify it, but the ADA definitely went to my YOROI unused address. The freaky part is that YOROI doesn’t event show a transaction took place and it’s been over an hour. Can anyone please help me? This was my life savings and I know I’m an idiot for not doing a test amount first.

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Hello @Crimithy

Can you go to and enter your Yoroi address and check the balance. Does it show that the ADA is there?

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I just did and it says it is in there!

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Don’t worry… sometimes the exchanges delay the transactions… if u sent to the correct address u will receive… check the yoroi address on … donu see the balance? If yes refresh the yoroi…( even restore it but first check if u have the correct seed words !!! ) if not be patience

And don’t forget to delegate :slight_smile:

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I just checked and it has my ADA in there! I already restored my Yoroi wallet to see if that would refresh it but to no avail. I’m sorry I’m so anxious if this is normal but it’s my life savings & it’s worrying me that Yoroi doesn’t have my ADA in my balance let alone Atleast show the transaction.

Delegating was the whole point of this transaction. I plan on doing so if I ever receive my ADA. Do I need to be worried about the fact that the unused address I sent the ADA to says Verify Address? image

Nope, go to yoroi - receive section … copy one address and check it again on

U should see the funds there, can u confirm?

Confirmed. Receive section on Yoroi, Copied the unused address and checked balance with the link you provided. It shows all of my ADA in there.

Then it’s fine… what browser do u use?

Safari on iPhone 11. I used the Coinbase app on iOS to make the transfer. Do I just have to wait? Should I be worried? Or does it mean I’m fine since the balance of ADA is in there.

You are fine, your funds are safe; perhaps just an yoroi sync issue

Try to refresh the app… do u see any messages with sync issues?


Yes. I saw the synchronization error once on the app about 5 minutes ago when I tried refreshing.

“We are experiencing synchronization issues.” It’s saying it again right now.

Aaa ok, that’s the reason :). Try again in few minutes
Don’t worry the funds are there

But I’ve been checking every single minute for 90 minutes. I guess I’ll just continue to wait. Thank you for all your help. I’ll let you know if I ever get my ADA.

You will :slight_smile: the sync issue can take longer ; maybe the nodes are congestioned


Anybody else have any thoughts or feedback? :confused:

I have had delays for up to an hour, but after checking the transaction and refreshing a cpl of time it would show up. Keep us posted!

Still saying synchronization issues & no transaction has appeared yet. 4.5 hours in so far. I’ll keep updating every few hours or so :frowning:

Are you using the mobile app or the browser extension?