Problem with Blockchain? Yoroi wallet will not sync. Coinbase froze deposit and withdrawal

Is there an issue with cardano block chain? for the past 3 days coinbase has froze deposit and withdrawal of ADA. Today I noticed that my Yoroi wallet with not sync.

no issues at all, try to re-sync your walllet

settings → re-sync

exchanges can suspend the withdraws due to internal wallet maintenance

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re-sync just gives me a spinning circle. it does not sync.

Yeah, Yorio is not working on the cel or on the computer. Its frustrating.

Yoroi is not synching for me either, I’ve tried both on my android and firefox/desktop. I’ve been trying since yesterday and no luck.

I opened a ticket this morning and no response so far. I have tried everything, nothing seems to work.

Probably not really helpful, but it does not seem to be a global problem. Yoroi is working in browser and on Android phone as usual, here.

Regarding the original post: No, Coinbase freezing ADA network interactions is probably not related to Yoroi’s (partial) problems.

Thanks for the info

On January 1, I sent two ADA transactions from Coinbase pro to Yoroi wallet. Both ADA transactions showed up in my Yoroi wallet at that time. Now on January 10, I check Yoroi wallet and it shows the transactions FAILED and the ADA sent on January 1, is no longer in my Yoroi wallet. The ADA is also not back in my Coinbase Pro account. I don’t won’t to try and sync Yoroi wallet with blockchain as I believe I will loose the transaction history on Yoroi. Will this issue resolve itself when blockchain is working better? or what should I do? Thanks for thoughts.

Then, they are most certainly fine and

is just Yoroi not being able to sync.

Resyncing is the way to get rid of problems like these. Or waiting. Or waiting and then resyncing.

Important point is: Your funds are not “in” Yoroi! They are stored on the blockchain and Yoroi is just one of a lot of interfaces to that blockchain. As long as you have your seed words (and are totally sure that they are correct) nothing can happen if you resync or even delete Yoroi, if you reformat your computer, whatever.

You can check the transactions on some blockchain explorer like to see that your funds are still there.

You can use some other wallet like Daedalus, or to access you are ADA. You have to trust that wallet app enough to give it your seed words, though. Most people here find these three (and a few more) trustworthy enough.


Thanks HeptaSean for this information! I will check on .

The ADA are showing up now in Yoroi wallet! Thank again HeptaSean.

Got an answer
Kevin (EMURGO)

Jan 11, 2022, 2:27 GMT


Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention.

We’re in the process of updating Yoroi, which might cause some issue, including sync.
We’re working on improving that at the moment and the enhancement will be improved automatically.

Warm regards,
EMURGO Technical Support Desk

<< The ADA are showing up now in Yoroi wallet! Thank again HeptaSean. >>

I’ve had issues with Yoroi like you’re reporting. Eventually they’ve resolved. As long as they were recorded on the Cardano blockchain, missing transactions and missing ADA turn up again.

My account was fine until today. I saw my coins and the rewards. Then a pop up about an extension I needed to approve suddenly appears. I approved it the extension. It seems consistent with what others have mentioned herein. However, my coins are GONE, my account states its NEVER been synced - I try to sync it and the wheel keeps spinning… and all I see are some measly rewards… WHAT IS HAPPENING? HAS YOROI ROBBED ME??? I am FREAKING OUT. This is crazy! All I want at this venture is access to my assets. Once I get them, I am done with Cardano. I am a safe investor and I see this platform and this asset as something I want out of permantly. Can I get instruction on what to do to recover my initial investment out of Yoroi so I can sell and move onto a secure investment? Please advise!

Dude. I think we both have been ripped off. I am so upset, I can’t tell you.
No one helps, and coins goes missing - I won’t buy Cardano again. I am done.

Nothing is working on my account. ZERO. I am so upset, I cant tell you. I approved Yoroi extension then everything went missing and sideways.
You say this fixes an issue - I was FINE until I approved your extension. I just want my investment back and I am done with Cardano. I will even sell at a loss - I just don’t want to be out 100% like I am now. This is something I do not trust, unlike its blockchain competitors. Can you help?

To reiterate:

You can also send your funds to an exchange from one of these alternative wallet applications if you like. You just have to have your seed.

Mine haven’t been able to synch since 1/10. Previously, Yoroi was just showing my previous balance without problem, but wouldn’t resynch. I deposited more from Coinbase today, transaction went fine but now my Yoroi balance says 0. My account amount is accurate on however.

I’ve attempted to resynch multiple times with the same result. I understand that the answer is “Wait and be patient,” but it would be more helpful to have something more tangible. Like, we’re upgrading the software right now and expect everything to be resolved in 1-4-10 days?

You quite surely can’t reach Emurgo/Yoroi people, here in these forums, never seen one.

So, here are only other users, who cannot give something more tangible, than: “We’ve heard there are issues. Last time they were fixed after a couple of days. BTW: We are quite happy with these other wallet apps.”