Problem with Blockchain? Yoroi wallet will not sync. Coinbase froze deposit and withdrawal

Hi HeptaSean,

I’ll tap your experience, if you don’t mind.

I’ve had my Yoroi wallet since early December- no issues whatsoever, receiving and staking.

Opened today, looked OK. Decided to send some more ADA from another wallet into my Yoroi wallet. While waiting for it to update, my balance disappeared, there was a message “Error with server” message. I’ve closed/reopened the wallet a few times, let it sit all afternoon, but no change. A couple time it would show my staking rewards, but not my full balance. And I tried synching, but same results. And if go under the DELEGATION LIST tab, it just says “Yoroi crashed.”

At this point, should I wait another day to see if the wallet will sync? Or should I try to import my wallet again? This is a Firefox extension, do I just import thru the menu, or do I need to do something else first?

Thanks, appreciate any help.

I’m also using the Firefox extension (but mostly and sometimes Daedalus, now).

The massive amount of posts with Yoroi problems leads me to think that it might take another day.

If you don’t have something urgent that you want to do, just wait and sometimes try “Resync Wallet”. “Resync Wallet” was enough, when I last experienced sync problems. I’m not affected in this round, so can’t say.

Next escalation would be to remove the wallet and add it again and/or to remove the whole extension and add it again. But, to be safe, before that I would try in another browser, browser profile, or wallet app if the seed words are correct.

If you feel comfortable trusting them enough, you can also try one of the alternatives –,, Daedalus, … (With Daedalus, the problem is not so much trust, but resources.)

I personally like very much, but also have to say that trying alternative wallets found somewhere on the Internet is less risky using a hardware wallet. But that is already true for Yoroi.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I can give it some more time, it’s no rush.

Again, appreciate your insight, have a great day!

I came here because I mistakenly hit the resync button in Yoroi hoping it would fix the missing “Asset” tab issue. Now I"m on my 5th resync and still have no good results.

Yes, I know it’s all on the blockchain, but I would like to fix the issue.

For the moment u need to be patient… if u need to perform transactions just restore the wallet on