Trouble with Yoroi

I am having problems with Yoroi. I sent some ada from kucoin but it hasn’t appeared in my wallet. I only have a trezor wallet. I checked on the blockchain explorer and it says it has gone through? Any ideas why I can’t see it.
Thanks in advance


perhaps yoroi sync issues, try the address on if u see the funds, or u can connect the trezor on


Hi mate,

I could see the funds on cardanoscan so I guess that means all is well. I resynced the wallet so hopefully that helps. Its the first time I’ve used the wallet since setting it up and my initial deposit so I was wondering if i did something wrong or this happens often. Last time it was nearly instant

Thanks for your help!!

you are welcome, you can also use when u have issues with yoroi. it’s safe

I guess I’ll check it again tomorow. The wallet resync is taking ages too. I guess there is an issue.

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HI Im also having a similar problem with my Yoroi wallet. I checked my wife and her’s is the same. Our Yoroi wallets are stuck in sync for the last few days. When u try to send anything u cant (greyed out continue box).

I send a few cardano and some nfts to it yesterday. If u check the address everything is there but in the Yoroi it’s still hung up from earlier and doesnt show the update.

Any suggestions?


Yoroi sync issues, just have patience

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u were way ahead of em. thx again.

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