Sent ADA from Binance to Yoroi but not showing

I’ve received the confirmation from Binance. I did forget to generate a new address as connecting Yoroi through my Trezor, but it shouldn’t really matter as can use an existing/previously used address.
Any advice please :slight_smile:

My address: addr1q8wrrwx0sgy9cgn34j76s3t5xxf06hvv7w2rk9zduxwmpc38tg9d634s2z7y2sflrlteryuwk3cha7s5rjhwdh7hzkvq0geng9

Transaction ID; ff84968748daddcfe3da37a83108ca58b2f8e03f446263206d3fdaa8c6555691


the funds are in the wallet already

try to refresh the wallet or maybe connect the trezor again to yoroi, or u can try to connect the trezor on


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Could also be Yoroi’s update/sync issues. You can try in one of the other wallet apps or just wait and resync from time to time.

thanks, have done that a few times but will try again :slight_smile:

as @HeptaSean said, probably ther are yoroi sync issue for the moment… try to connect the trezor on

thanks, I forgot about the resync issue :slight_smile:

so if I’ve done all the above do I just have to wait for the refresh issue to be fixed? other transactions have gone through so maybe the address did stuff up.

if u have the seed words u can try to delete the wallet from yoroi and restore the wallet

ughh I am a dumb ass, it’s gone to an old wallet :slight_smile:
just found and recovered thanks for the help guys!