I need help, all my cardano are gone

I logged in on my yoroi wallet and all my ADA are gone. I have no idea how. Please help.

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Are there any outgoing transactions which you didnt sign?

Also try to manually resync the wallet by going to settings → wallet → resync

My last transaction was on June 2021, I haven’t made since. I don’t see any additional transactions either. I tried to resync. Still got 0 ADA. How can I share my history ?

Could you please post one of you receiving addresses here?

Yes, i am panicking, because i lost so much money, i can’t believe it


So the address you posted is indeed clean.

It seems like you or someone else transfered your funds 3 years ago out of that wallet.

The new address who received that ADA has now 91’830 ADA on it. Stake Key stake1uxn5yj7qev34yf3e5cd95jwpakfhsxs8hqzuj2x8yqwaw0g20lmla - Cardanoscan

Could it be that you transfered your funds to a new wallet or maybe even migrated from Byron to a Shelley wallet?

Do you still have your seedphrase and/or are you using a hardware wallet?

By the way i dont think that you have been scammed because the new wallet seems like inactive since 3 years.

So you most probably have the wrong wallet saved in Yoroi.

I do recommand to restore your wallet with your seedphrase or reconnect it if you have a hardware wallet with Adalite.io or https://typhonwallet.io/

Ok. That’s the amount of ADA I would have around 90K. I do have seedphrase, and hardware trezor model T, but at that time trezor didn’t support ADA I believe, so I left the ADA in the yoroi wallet, Shelley-era wallet.

Does the seedphrase belong to the Trezor? If so do not use the seedphrase anywhere. Simply reconnect your Trezor with adalite.io

I have two seedphrases one for Trezor and one for Yoroi wallet. But the ADA is not in the trezor wallet either. I can try to connect to adalite.io

Try to use the seedphrase you generated via Yoroi and restore the wallet on adalite.io and if this doesnt work, try to reconnect your Trezor via adalite.io.

I tried the second option connecting Trezor via adalite.io and i see the 90K ADA… OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH…


Glad you were able to get access again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

By the way i do recommand to use Typhon wallet as your main wallet instead of Yoroi or adalite.


Thank you so much. You are the best. :heart: I will take a look at Typhon